Aging Gracefully In The Age of Social Media

So getting older is great and all right? Count your blessings to see another year and have your health and everything intact. But I find, or maybe it’s just me, that aging in the eyes of social media can be tougher.
Ankara High Slit Skirt Everything is under a microscope on these platforms and it is easy to fall prey to the comparison game. People can also be very judgmental and tough typing behind a screen. There is pressure in making sure everything is perfect, that you have met the societal standards for your age, that you have the latest this and that. Sometimes as much as I am trying to build a brand on social media, it drains me when I log on and start scrolling. Ankara High-Slit Skirt As I get older I notice that I have heightened anxiety especially after I became a Mother. I saw a picture of myself from an event recently and my cellulite was on fleek. To say that I was mortified was an understatement. Like no one can EVER see these photos.(See Below LOL) Marley Twist Updo But you know what, show me a real woman with a real body who doesn’t have stretch marks and a little cellulite? Why am I being so hard on myself? Because social media has given me anxiety about how my body should look. I went to a dinner the other night for Women in Media, and the host of a national daytime talk-show was on stage with a high slit skirt. When she crossed her legs, guess what? She, a woman way thinner and less curvy than me, had cellulite! I felt some sort of relief like damn real women stand up! Let’s embrace our flaws together so that young girls watching don’t have a false image to aspire to! Ankara High-Slit Skirt With age is supposed to come accomplishment. We are supposed to have our proverbial shit together by a certain age. Women especially. We should be married, have a career, have the kids, have it ALL. Influencers that I follow motivate me in this age of technology, that you can be a full-time entrepreneur from your blog, your social media feeds, by promoting items and working with brands etc. It all looks glamorous and easy, until being transparent is trendy. All of a sudden, there’s a go-fund-me for their rent, they aren’t getting paid as much as we think they are per post, and influencers are running up huge credit card debt to keep up and put on a show. Ankara High-Slit Skirt Ankara High-Slit Skirt Why do we care so much what people think? Especially people that we do not know in real life? I am proud of the community I have built online. I can share as much or as little as I want and get amazing and real feedback from you guys! Ankara High-Slit Skirt Ankara High-Slit Skirt So here’s to letting it all hang out. I am the first to tell you that I do not have it all together, and I am holding on thanks to the Grace of God and a few good people that keep me sane. Here’s to being happy in real life and online. Here’s to being proud of where you are in your journey NOW, with no pressure from family or society. Here’s to loving the body that you are in, and if you don’t make the decision to change and tweak a few things! Here’s to having self-love and inner peace!

This bodysuit is from Fashion Nova//Skirt was made in Nigeria! Thanks so much for reading! Stay chic!


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