35 Random Facts About Me

Why 35 you ask? Well because it’s my birthday month, and your girl is getting old out here. That’s right, I am entering my 35th year of life. I figured I would share a post so we can get a bit more familiar with each other!
Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress 1) I am a Scorpio. Which means a lot of you already have pre-conceived notions about me from that one fact, smh!
2) I was born in Belize City, Belize.
3) I came to America when I was 2.
4) My favorite color is purple.
5) My favorite candy: M&M Peanuts.
6) I love to read, I hope to have a home library in my dream house. Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress 7) I am an anti-social extrovert. Sometimes I am all for hanging out, other times I can’t stand people.
8) I still have the newspaper clippings from when Tupac & Biggie died in a shoebox. I was young, but music has always been a part of my life, and their deaths were a huge deal in hip-hop.
9) I grew up in public housing aka the projects! That’s right, Coney Island, Brooklyn showed me the nitty-gritty of being “low-income”. Once I left, I vowed to never go back and I haven’t.
10) I went to two gifted & talented schools for Elementary & Junior High. Public School 308 and Mark Twain for The Gifted & Talented.
11) I was smart and stupid at the same time. When I started high school at John Dewey I basically flunked out my freshman and sophomore years. I was cutting class and rebelling.Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress 12) My parents signed me out of Dewey, and I completed my HS education at Abraham Lincoln.
13) I almost didn’t graduate on time because of the foolishness I did in Dewey, my senior year I had to take night and summer school to catch up on credits.
14) I went to a local college in NYC, The College of Staten Island/CUNY.
15) I majored in communications, media studies with a concentration in television and radio production.
16) I was born at 6:55PM if that means anything in my chart for all the astrologists out there. Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress 17) After HS, I took a semester off before going straight to college.
18) I am still paying for college, I owe $11K as we speak.
19) That semester off I worked at Century 21 Department Store in Bay Ridge.
20) My middle name is Monique and I used to hate telling people because it wasn’t as unique as my first name. Now I don’t have any shame around it!
21) My dad used to say Karese was an African Queen’s name when asked how he came up with it, but I haven’t found any proof of that on the internet. Thanks for lying Dad.Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress 22) That African Queen story may have led me to marry this Nigerian guy who is my husband LOL!
23) I’ve worked retail all through college to help pay my tuition, PUMA, SCOOP NYC and Paul Smith!
24) My best friends I have known since I was 10/11 years old. We met at Mark Twain JHS, we’ll be friends until the end!
25) Beyoncé is my Queen, don’t at me. AT ALL!
26) I have been a vegetarian borderline pescatarian for at least two years now!
27) I do not have a driver’s license. That will change this year! (It has to)
28) I didn’t start cooking until I moved in with my husband!
29) I need candles in every room of the house, it’s amazing how they can set the tone in the house!
30) Due to stress and depression, after having the second baby, I cut my own hair on a whim and jacked it TF up. I called my stylist in a panic the next day and she fixed it, prasie Jesus! Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress 31) I lived in my in-laws basement for three years on Staten Island, when I had the kids so we could save up for the house we currently live-in!
32) I bought my first home when I was 29.
33) I had a c-section for my first son and a VBAC for my second. I am one of the strongest women I know for that! No meds, all natural. WHEW, the power of the mind and a woman’s body!
34) Speaking of natural, I stopped relaxing my hair when I found out I was pregnant with Caleb in 2009, thinking I would look like Tracee Ellis Ross. WELP!
35) I can’t sleep with my feet covered. They have to stick out of the blanket.
Bonus: I am allergic to cockroaches. LMAO What a way to end the post! Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress Ankara Babydoll Dress I hope you all got to know me a bit better. Do we have anything in common? Have any of you ever sat down to write down random facts about yourself? It was actually kind of fun and therapeutic writing this post! Thanks so much for reading, stay chic!



  1. October 2, 2018 / 11:23 pm

    Hilarious but intriguing. Lol I love these random facts because I feel like I really get to know you! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday month!

    • October 3, 2018 / 8:52 am

      Yes! I was like let me share some things about myself so we can all laugh! Thanks so much for reading, and the birthday wishes!

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