The Renaissance Woman

What does being a Renaissance Woman mean to you?

That is the first question we asked every Woman we pre-interviewed for this concept. WELCOME TO THE RENAISSANCE!! If you’ve been around for a while, then you know I am the President of one sector of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Beyhive. The title of this concept series and her last album is no coincidence, LOL!

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Last October, during the month I turned 40 (not lost on me, the big age I was turning and what developing this show meant at that time and the things I was dealing with internally) I was allowed to produce a live panel at Advertising Week New York, by a colleague of mine who owns Dew Media. The team and I developed a show that would tap into the inner goddess, and showcase women who are bossing up and not afraid to take other women with them. A show that would inspire and uplift without judgment. The panel was well received at AdWeek as we had amazing guests sharing their truths, triumphs, and tribulations on stage. Harlem’s Fashion Row CEO & Founder, Brandice Daniel, Zewiditu Jewel, President of The Brown Collective (which owns our favorite vegan donut shop Cloudy Donut Co.), and journalist and fitness maven Kayla Nicole. Check out this article on the panel!!

Dew Media CEO, Host Akilah Ffriend, Brandice Daniel, Kayla Nicole, Zewiditu Jewel, and Executive Producer Me

If you look at the landscape of how Black Women are portrayed on television, a show like this was and still is missing. This show (as is the case with anything I am a part of), comes from a personal place. As we navigate life, we are constantly evolving, and the journey’s beauty is something we shouldn’t shy away from.

What does being a Renaissance Woman mean to me? That’s complicated innit? When I was younger, I thought it was cool to be petty, talk about other women, and sometimes be a mean girl. With growth and age comes maturity. As you get older you realize a few good women by your side can take you to new heights. Being a Renaissance woman means staying true to myself, following my intuition, not dimming another woman’s light, and simultaneously being the light.

God willing you will see this show on your screens soon (Prayers up) as a daily reminder of what is possible with dynamic Renaissance women at the helm of the conversation. There is an intention behind sharing this post during Women’s History Month. Dew Media is Black woman-owned and led, and the team consists of amazing Black Women who are using their talents to shake up the narrative that is currently displayed!

Check out the trailer above and let me know your thoughts below. What does being a Renaissance Woman mean to YOU?? Love you for reading and supporting, stay chic!

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