These Kids Are Getting Expensive: The Brands That Will Instantly Give You Cool-Mom Status

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Heyyyyyyy! I know it’s been a million years, are you all even still reading blogs LOL??? Well, I hope you are, I am trying to get back into sharing my insights. The truth is, I have entered a new level of parenting where my boys are now in that teenage stage and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ll write a separate post on that.

What comes with teenage life? Pressured to have certain things, I remember clearly in my adolescence. My siblings and I were not as fortunate as the boys are at this age. There is a very vivid core memory of me getting roasted in the HS cafeteria for not having on-brand Timberland construction boots, I had the Avirex version from V.I.M. It was all my parents could afford at the time.

Thankfully the boys wear uniforms, but there is a way to individualize yourself via the hoodie you wear over the uniform shirt and of course, with your kicks. I pride myself on staying on trend with what they’re into and what is trending in their fashion scene. I can no longer get away with donning them in bowties and matching suits. So, I am sharing what the teen and tween boys are into so you can rack up those cool-mom points!! (I can only speak to boys for obvious reasons 😀)

Gone are these preppy days!

The first indicator I had that their style was changing was when Caleb asked me for a Moncler puffer jacket for Christmas. You read that right, mate wanted a $1000+ jacket to wear to school. I had to take a sip of my drink and give him the eyes mom gives kids when you want to make sure they are okay in the head. Cuz WHAT? The influence came from one of the rappers he’s listening to and people online of course. We took his behind to The North Face store and put a pin in that IMMEDIATELY.

Drake in Nike Tech
Photo Courtesy: Star Style Man

Nike Tech has also been very high on the list. These tracksuits retail for about $270. The jacket will run you about $145 and the track pants about $125. You can catch a little sale on Nike occasionally, but it will most likely be a colorway that they don’t like 🙄. Joshua already lost his tech jacket on the bus, so now he only has the track pants. Ask me if I’m buying him a replacement, send prayers!!

Teyana Taylor in Essentials
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Keeping in line with the activewear theme, ESSENTIALS is also a favorite. I have been flooding my Instagram stories with Jerry Lorenzo’s higher-end line Fear of God the last couple of weeks. ESSENTIALS is his more affordable line under the Fear of God umbrella. Lucky for us, you can catch these on sale often on SSENSE. Please note, that the kids like the ones from earlier seasons (available on resale sites) that have the pocket on the front, Jerry’s newer collections feature a different look. Godspeed!

Ksubi Denim x Travis Scott
Ksubi Denim x Travis Scott
Purple Brand Denim
Purple Brand Denim

Okay, if you’ve seen white or black tags hanging from jeans lately and wondering what’s happening, it’s the new wave in premium denim for the kids. Namely the Ksubi (soo-be), and Purple Brand denim. What are your thoughts on these?

Finally, there were premium underwear on the boy’s Christmas list last year. It’s a thing, just go with the flow. You must buy the ones with the designs on them, I learned the hard way LOL. Have you guessed the brands I am talking about yet? If you guessed Ethika and PSD’s then pat yourself on the back! What’s so special about these and why does one pair cost $25? Welllllll, I’m glad you asked. They provide good support, remain dry, and they don’t move. As many of you know the boys play basketball and they like to wear their Ethika’s under their ball shorts and have no issues. I haven’t gotten them any PSDs yet, some of their designs are a bit mature for my boys, so I caution you to pay attention to that as well when purchasing.

Lil Wayne in Ethika
Lil Wayne in Ethika; Photo Courtesy: Ethika

That rounds up why I will always be at work, because as the title of this post states, these kids are costing a grip. Now, I don’t get the boys everything they ask for, I am not one to keep up with what you want because your friends have it. But within reason, I will make them happy. For instance, I have not bought either of them a pair of jeans for $300. I just don’t think it’s THAT serious right now. I don’t want them to think that these things are easy to come by. People work hard to provide these things to them, and they must appreciate that. Thank you for reading! Let me know below if you relate to this post and what brands your little ones are into now. Stay Chic!


  1. Amanda Zinoman
    February 19, 2024 / 7:01 pm

    My son is exactly the same. He did talk my parents into getting him some $400 sneakers. Not me.

    • February 26, 2024 / 6:25 pm

      No wayyyyyyy. These teens I tell ya, he’s very very lucky!! Thank you for reading!!

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