Birthing A New Baby

There’s an idea I have been working on for months now. Going back and forth on whether I should go ahead and pursue it, or like many ideas in my head, do nothing about it. I decided to go ahead and order the samples and see what would happen next. Putting myself out there: blogging and social media is one thing. Selling something that I designed is another. If you read my Influencer post, you already know why.

This is just a basic design with my logo on it. I cropped this bad boy to make it look sexy, cuz hello it’s me! There will be other designs with slogans and quotes of things that pertain to me and my brand, things I’m known for saying, and quotes about Motherhood. I am hoping to have them ready for Christmas/New Year’s, depending on the response I get from you all. This entire journey has been trial and error, and you will be able to purchase them right here from the blog!

This venture demonstrates growth on my part. Growth in my life, growth in my brand, the blog, and my business acumen. I will be 34 in a few days, and this will be the baby I will nurture in this new year of my life. I hope you all will continue to support me and the things I am passionate about. Stay tuned!

I look forward to jumping into something new with you all. Don’t get it twisted, my anxiety is through the freaking roof, but I’m ready! Thanks for reading, as always stay chic!


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