$50 Style Challenge

So you all should know by now, I am the budgeting Queen. I keep my family’s finances in check the best way I know how, and I can stretch a coin from here to Belize! My husband always makes fun of me, before I check out, I am googling coupons on my phone, to get the best deal possible. With that being said, the boys needed cardigans to go with a look I had in mind for Fall Picture Day at school, and I wanted to buy myself some work pants, I had $50. Can I make it work? (Tim Gunn Voice)

It’s always best when shopping on a budget to have a list, know exactly what you want and how much you plan to spend. So the priority this shopping trip, navy blue cardigans for Caleb & Joshua. I started at Old Navy, they had these cardigans linked here. I liked them, but I didn’t love the price, because at $25 each that would be my entire budget, no work pants for me. I did have a coupon, but I forgot to use it. I left Old Navy with pants and a top for myself, no cardigans.

These leopard pants were in the clearance section, originally $34.94, marked down to $12.49. The sweatshirt also in clearance, originally $29.99, marked down to $9.99. I have linked them here from the Old Navy website, prices reflected are different from what I paid in the store. Total $22.48, so I have $27.52 left for the boys.

I headed to the outlet mall in Pennsylvania, one of my fave stores to shop for them there is Osh Kosh. I am a rewards member so I like to rake it up, plus I had a coupon on my phone they sent via email. The original price for the sweaters were $38.00, but they were having an in-store promotion, the entire store was 40% off! That brought the sweaters down to $19 each, and I have an extra 15% off coupon in my phone, bringing each sweater down to $16.15! Talk about a major score!

The button-up and pants they are wearing were already in their closet, brand new with tags from a previous Primark shopping trip. I just needed the sweater as an accessory to pull the look together, layering pieces are essential to anyone’s wardrobe. I love these Osh Kosh cardis because have more texture and pizzazz than the ones I saw at Old Navy, so it was a win-win all around.

Grand Total:

Old Navy: $22.48

Osh Kosh: $32.30

Total: $54.78

I was $4.78 over budget. Had I remembered to use my Old Navy coupon, I would’ve been right on track, but still not bad in my opinion. I’ll be styling up my outfit for work this weekend, so be sure you are following me on Instagram to see how I put it together! Thanks for reading, as always, stay chic!


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