Back To School Blues

So it’s that bittersweet time of the year, back to school! You realize summer is over, no more sleeping in late, and going to bed late. Your routine has to come back into play, and things are about to get real! Let’s prepare for back to school together, shall we?


The first thing I like to buy for the boys for school, are sneakers. Good quality sneakers at that. It’s an investment, but I know that they will last, and provide comfort. They are at the ages now when they are coming into their own style, so my say isn’t as important anymore. *Insert crying emoji*

Pictured above on Caleb, Adidas Hyperfast 2.0 Shoes. Joshua is wearing the Jordan 5 Grapes.  We already know we are getting Adidas for both boys this time around, stay tuned for pics from the first day on Instagram. @3TheChicWay

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2015-09-15 08.03.03

2015-10-01 12.03.55

A sturdy backpack is essential, preferably one that is of a character or color way that they like. I’ve noticed little things like this help motivate them to get excited for school. They will be excited to pack it with their essentials, and want to wear it everyday! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpacks: Amazon

My boys wear uniforms, so I don’t have to worry about jeans and shirts for back to school shopping. However, I like to get them hoodies and cardigans to jazz up the uniforms a bit! It’s especially great for layering in the fall and winter months.


Most importantly, inspiring the young minds. While summer is all about fun and play, I was able to squeeze in a little creativity and work as well! A part of that comes from our monthly subscription box from Kiwi Crate! On the other hand, I would also print out worksheets for their upcoming grades and use those to study as well!

I wish everyone a successful first day back to school, and an amazing academic year! How are you all preparing for back to school?


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