Why I Stopped Taking Birth Control Pills

What a title for someone who is adamant about not having any more children right? But I had come to a point where I just wanted total control of my body and moods….again. I have… View Post

Parenting in the Pandemic-What About School?

I can’t believe it is already August. This year for sure will be one for the history books. I hope you all are continuing to stay safe, COVID is still a thing even though some… View Post

How I Normalize Luxury In My Life

There has been so much chatter on social media about Black Women and luxury. The fact that we should have more of it. Normalize it if you will. I wanted to write this post because… View Post

What Beauty Services Look Like During COVID

We have been cooped inside the house for months. Four to be exact. Four months without professional hair and nail services. I am the kind of woman who uses her beauty services as self-care. I… View Post

How My Belizean Upbringing Shaped My Parenting

There has been a lot of time to reflect on Motherhood these past few months while at home around the clock with these children. If you’re new here I am Belizean and my husband Ade… View Post
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