How I Spent $50 At E.L.F

I wouldn’t consider myself a makeup expert, but I do know how to play in makeup that makes me look bronzed and dewy. We all know I love a good highlight and a good lip. Now that I am contributing to a beauty lifestyle blog, I am spending more time watching and learning makeup tips from all the influencers on Youtube and Instagram.

Elf Cosmetics Haul I was asked to create a Summer look all from one brand as my next assignment and I went with a makeup brand that is accessible and affordable. It is easy to walk into Sephora and pick up five things and your total be upwards of $100. While I am always an enforcer of #treatyourself, high-end makeup isn’t realistic for me on a day to day basis. I am on a budget hunny!

Elf Cosmetics HaulHere is a glimpse of what that look will be, I’ll let you all know when the video goes live! In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of what I got at ELF for just about $50. I went to the store in Soho, New York and experienced great customer service. Even though I had in mind what I wanted, there were a couple new items that I walked out with.

Elf Poreless Face PrimerBecause I spent more than $25 on the day that I shopped, I ended up with this face primer for free. This is great to keep your skin matte and the makeup in place all day. This is especially  important in the Summer months. It retails for $6 and a little goes a long way. I only use primer when I know I will be at work all day and then an event after.

Elf Glowtion GoldThis “glowtion” is a completely new product for me, but was recommended by the sales woman to enhance the dewy look I was trying to achieve. It is essentially a moisturizer that has specks of gold in it. You can apply all over the face under makeup or just on your typical highlight areas. I applied it all over after I primed my face! This retails for $8.

Elf HD Lifting Concealer

For a whopping $3 I picked up their HD lifting concealer in Medium. Sorry to say, that medium seems to be their darkest shade, smh. I do not use foundation or a tinted moisturizer, instead I apply concealer to the areas where I have discoloration. Particularly, under my eyes to cover up my dark circles, and then around my nose and mouth. I prefer liquid concealers as opposed to creme ones, because they are easier to blend for me. So far we are at $11 total.

ELF eye enhancing MascaraI picked up this Eye Enhancing Mascara from them, but I do not love it. But for $3, I guess I can’t expect too much right? First off, it has glitter in it. But who really needs glitter in their mascara? The wand is just okay, it gets the basic job of a mascara done. It coats and defines my lashes, nothing too crazy or a dramatic difference. My least favorite product from the haul. Total so far: $14!

ELF Metallic Eyeliner Blue MoonI live for a colorful eyeliner in my waterline or on my lash line. I picked this $4 option up in store, but it was not translating bright enough for my taste. So, I had to order a different option on Amazon, where of course I paid more than retail for it. This is where the $50 budget went haywire.

Elf Cream Eyeliner Teal TeaseThis cream eyeliner is $3 on their website and the perfect shade of blue that I love for that pop of color on my eyes, but I paid $7 for it on Amazon. So now we are up to $25. I will still use the pencil eyeliner in my waterline because we don’t have money to waste and everything will get used! Honestly, I never really tried cream eyeliners before and found this one applied streaky. It gave me the look I wanted, but I guess I have to work on the application.

ELF Contouring & Bronzing Palette FijiSo now for the fun stuff, highlight and contour! I do the most basic contour known to man. It is very subtle and natural looking. I picked up this palette for $4 as recommended by my saleswoman. I contoured my cheeks and forehead with the darker shade and then mixed both colors on a fluffy face brush to give my cheeks some color. I love the way it turned out and have been rocking the look ever since. I am now up to $29.

Elf Highlighting Powder Topaz GlowMeet my new fave highlighter! The ELF Shimmer Highlighting Powder in Topaz Glow. I mean the color payoff from this $6 compact can rival a MAC Global Glow. I said what I said LOL! I have been wearing it nonstop, and will definitely repurchase this once it runs out. Don’t mind my brows, get into the glow below!  Total so far: $35Elf Cosmetics HaulTo keep the glow all day, we have to set the face! I picked up their illuminating Mist & Set Spray for $4. I don’t personally see the specks that are allegedly in this product, but it does add a soft glow to the face once sprayed. The setting part I agree with, the makeup will be sure to last a long time. Total: $39

ELF Lip Plumping Gloss To finish off the look, I picked up this beautiful lipgloss in Sparkling Rosé. I didn’t notice in store that it’s supposed to be a lip-plumping gloss. I was drawn to the beautiful shade of pink that in my mind would contrast well with the blue eyeliner. I do however love the color pay off and the nourishing factors as it contains coconut oil. It also isn’t very tacky and sticky. Can’t beat that for $5. Total so far: $44

I spent $7 on two brushes, plus the sales tax, took me over the $50. But I am still proud of myself because I know, this makeup is vegan and cruelty free, and will last me a long time. I don’t wear makeup everyday and this basic look takes no more than ten minutes on a good day. This is the makeup that I wore in my Athleta campaign photos as well, and I was very pleased at the turnout as that was the day after I bought all these items.

One Brand Makeup Look featuring Elf Cosmetics Have you all ever tried any ELF Products? Let me know below. Stay tuned for the one brand makeup video I shot using these products as well! Thank you so much for reading, as always, stay chic!


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