I Do Not Allow Society To Define My Look

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As if having children wasn’t hard enough, we then have the pressure of society telling us to “snap-back”. Celebrities with the money to get tummy tuck surgeries immediately after giving birth, sell us a false image of what their post-partum body looks like. Flat tummy teas and waist trainers’ pop-up on your social media timeline as if life depended on them. And do not even get me started on the men who post misogynistic captions and quotes about what lipstick color Black women should wear and how we should stop wearing weaves etc. Everyone has an opinion and loves telling us how we should look and what we can do to get there, quickly!

Athleta Planner SkortAthleta Planner Skort

Who are we pleasing? I have had two children and I am here to tell you the snap-back is not easy. But it will come. It is up to you to get there, the how and why of it all is in your court. While I am no fitness expert, I know there are benefits to eating healthy and getting to the gym. The struggle is real, but I am proud to say that I have been consistent for the past month or so. Going at least twice a week, three times if I am lucky. But that happened when I was ready for it to happen. Not when my Husband told me, not when my family said I was gaining weight, not for anyone but myself. Athleta Perforated CamiAthleta Perforated CamiAthleta Perforated CamiAthleta Perforated Cami

Everyone works out for different reasons. For me, it’s about feeling and of course looking good. I would be lying if I told you when my jeans couldn’t go up around my hips anymore that I was okay. I like seeing my body look good in the clothes I wear. Who wants to feel uncomfortable? The gym is also an amazing stress reliever, the sweat dripping down my face when I’m on the stair master feels like an accomplishment. To make fitness fun, you have to find something that you enjoy. Bike riding, running with the local Mom group in the morning, boxing with your Husband, Zumba, I mean there is so much you can do!

Athleta Planner Skort

Athleta Perforated Cami

Perforated Cami & Planner Skort, Courtesy of Athleta

I am confident enough at this point in my journey to wear shorts! Leg day in the gym has definitely been paying off. I love the versatility of this skort from Athleta that allows you to essentially get two looks in one. It gives you the feel of a mini-skirt with the comfort of shorts. I am all about versatile pieces in the wardrobe, so this can be dressed up or down for work and play. Pairing it with their perforated cami, allowed for a super sleek look I wore to the office and then out for dinner after!

This skort is made from recycled poly, a material that is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. And the fabric boasts UPF 50+ protection. The Cami is quick-drying thanks to the ventilation in the cuts of the fabric, to mask any sweat. I am happy to work with a brand that offers sustainable lifestyle pieces to Women!

Athleta #powerofshe

Photography by Rose L @dadouchic

Athleta #powerofsheStyle your hair how you please. Wear the lipstick that isn’t trending at the moment. Rock those shorts they said you couldn’t wear. It’s all in your power! What are your fitness regimens, I would love to hear them below! Thanks so much for reading, as always, stay chic!




  1. Sasha Fierce
    June 19, 2018 / 5:40 am

    This is so inspiring!!! And I LOVE the look!! I had no idea #altheta had such versatile pieces in their collection. Thanks for your transparency- It’s an everyday struggle to make it to the gym, but us moms gotta do what we gotta do… for US. To make ourselves feel good so we can tackle the most rewarding jobs we’ll ever do.

    • June 19, 2018 / 9:59 am

      Thanks soooooo much for reading Sasha! Yes, we have to fill ourselves up from within!!

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