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I’m sure you all are waiting patiently for the retail meets high fashion collaboration of the year!! I’m talking none other than the BALMAIN x H&M collection that drops this week, Thursday to be exact. We all know this will sell out in point two seconds so i’m not even sweating it. Avid shoppers of the retail giant will recognize these aren’t in the regular H&M budget. That’s why I’m calling myself a BALMAIN Nation wannabe, hi Kendall, Jourdan and Gigi.

Below are the pieces that I am dreaming about from the collection, like if I had a sick holiday or New Year’s party to attend, this is what I would wear. I’m not walking any red carpets anytime soon, so maybe a wedding? My point is, for these prices, somewhere special, where you will be photographed a lot.  LOL


I mean, it’s pretty much the signature beading and embroidery that Olivier is known for. The green sequin dress is my fave, because I’m a lover of sequins! These dresses range from $199-599! The black one screams Kim K, take that how you want and let’s move along.

hmprod129vest hmprod99 hmprod349

When in doubt, wear black. These pieces don’t scream BALMAIN, so these may be easier to attain. The faux wrap pants ($99), would be a great option to dress up this holiday season with the sleeveless vest($129), if you’re over the same old dress and heel look. These thigh high boots are just: suede thigh high boots, but they’re BALMAIN! So if you wanted to treat yourself, for $349, they could be yours!

hmprod399 hmprod129 hmprod149fur

Let’s get into some outerwear pieces. The white blazer ($129), has North West all over it!! Styled with some great white skinnies or over a form-fitting white midi dress, this piece will enhance both looks. The leather jacket is $399 and is super badass, the faux fur is after my heart, and at only $149! I think that’s a great price point for such a statement piece. View the entire collection here.

Let me know what your favorite pieces are from the collection!


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