Wrap It Up!

There’s a heat wave happening in New York and many places across the country, so try and stay cool folks!

When it’s this hot, I am easily irritated, so for once less is more. I’m talking little to no hair out, no makeup, and minimal accessories.

Since I can not lay out pool side, because I’m heading to work, I tried to dress as cool as possible!

The head wrap, because there’s no way I was gonna unleash this fro in this humidity! My naturalistas know, the worst thing is spending all that time on a twist out, for it to turn into a frizz ball!!

I’m loving Alicia Keys and her new head wrap, no makeup look these days, so why not!

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This GAP dress is super lightweight, short and flowy! I have it in a multi floral print version as well!

The layered vest is just for work, the AC will be on full blast and I tend to get cold.

For accessories, statement earrings and a few thin bangles! Easy simple lace ups on my feet….outfit complete!

How are you all beating this heat? Whatever you’re doing, stay Chic ladies!!!


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