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So I met Staci last Summer at a blogger event that Monroe Steele had invited us to, and we kept in contact via social media! I met some pretty awesome Women at that event and I am still virtually connected to all of them. Women have a pretty bad rep for not getting along and tearing each other down. (Stop letting reality TV tell our narrative.)  While I have experienced that in the past, I am happy to say that is not the case at this point in my life. Hashtag Blessed!

Ankara HeadwrapUniqlo Marimekko Polka Dot DressThere is a certain maturity that comes with age. Life experiences have taught me that those you think are supposed to be in your corner, truly may not be. So I like to surround myself with people who are on the same wavelength as me; people that will bring out the best in me; people that will keep me in line when I am getting outta order. Basically, people that won’t suck all the energy out of me.

Uniqlo Marimekko Polka Dot DressA Tribe Called Quest X VansOkay, let me step off of my soapbox real quick. Staci of #clickwuzhere photography, reached out to me so we can shoot. I am in the midst of really trying to take 3TheChicWay to the next level and pitch to brands etc. The timing was perfect as I need more high-quality shots that show off my style to add to my media kit. If I’m out here promoting myself as this chic mom lifestyle blogger for women of the Millenium, I need to have receipts and good ones!

While I have my camera, it doesn’t have a fancy lens and I don’t have the editing software that many bloggers have. If you’ve noticed my photos are never retouched and that was something I wanted to make a point of. It was me being authentic and starting with what I had because if I didn’t, this blog would have still been an idea in the back of my head and you wouldn’t be reading this post. Tibi Nadine Leather Mules

The blogging game can be a bit competitive, why did she get that campaign? How come I wasn’t invited to that event, and so on and so forth. So the fact that another blogger like Staci reached out to collaborate speaks volumes. When the community supports and uplifts each other, wonderful projects can come to fruition. I am so happy to see women of color calling brands out on their lack of diversity, reposting each other’s work on social media, referring each other for jobs and lending a helping hand where it matters most. A Tribe Called Quest X VansTibi Nadine Black Leather MulesI know who my friends are right, like my core friends that I’ve grown up with. My tribe if you will.  But if we adopt the “no new friends” mentality that music dictates, we may be stifling our growth. That mentality would have hindered this connection right here and many I hope to make in the future. Needless to say, support your local girl gang. Women creatives are out here doing amazing things for the culture and the community (cues Drake’s Nice For What Video).

Staci is dope and you all should check her out if you are in the New York/ New Jersey area. We had an amazing session, where she put on Beyoncé for me, she fixed my dress, made me laugh and most importantly made me feel comfortable and dope. I hope to shoot more looks with her in the near future!Vans X A Tribe Called Quest You all know I live for a look that can be worn with heels and sneakers because that speaks to both women inside of me. I styled this Uniqlo x Marimekko dress with my Vans from the A Tribe Called Quest collection for the tomboy chic side, and then also with my Tibi mules for the diva side of me! Of course, I love a play on pattern and texture and that’s why I added the Ankara headwrap to the mix, shout out to Cristal for telling me to go print crazy!

This look is not for everyone but this dress should be. It is the softest cotton and the pockets on it are everything, not to mention the throw-it-on and go factor! Oh and it was only $20, but size down because it runs big, I’m wearing an XS!

Thanks so much for reading this post. As always, stay chic!

Major Shout Out to Staci of Click Wuz Here for taking these awesome pictures! 



  1. Omolade
    April 26, 2018 / 11:37 am

    Love love love!!!💜💜💜💜

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