Walking Into Wakanda

Loza Tam Satin Lined Turban Loza Tam Satin Lined Turban Are we ready for the Black Panther premiere? This movie has been the most talked about film for a long time. I can not wait to take the boys, who already love anything Marvel, to see a BLACK superhero on the big screen. As I am always preaching, representation matters, we didn’t have any superhero that resembled us when I was growing up.

Loza Tam Satin Lined HeadwrapI am a huge film and television fanatic, that is why I wanted to enter the industry. It got me to thinking about my own start in television. Many of you are always commenting on my insta-stories that my job is so cool, etc. etc. I started my career as a Production Assistant on the set of music videos.

I can listen to a song and already have the treatment to the video in my head. Before this social media era, where everyone is so easily accessible, you had to know the people in the industry. I would take note of the director’s name on the videos, same with the credits of television shows and films.

Black Panther Movie Look, Ankara DressI worked as a cashier at high fashion boutique Scoop NYC, to help put myself through college. One day when I was checking out a female customer, as I went to swipe her card, I noticed the name. Diane Martel, famous music video director was in my face. I said, “Oh my God, you’re Diane Martel.” She asked how I knew who she was, and I said I loved her music videos and I was in school for tv and radio production. She asked if I was serious, I said of course I was. She invited me to come down to her music video set the next day for a project she was in town for, with Ricky Martin, Fat Joe and Amerie. She gave me her assistant’s number and long story short, I was on set for that video and a few other projects with her NY team after that, hi guys!

Black Panther Movie Look, Ankara DressLooking back at this story, how awesome was it that a woman was so supportive of helping another young woman fulfill her dreams. She didn’t even blink twice to give me the right connections to find my way onto that set. Collaboration over competition, when we work together and lift up the next Sista, how unstoppable will we be?

Black Panther Movie Look, Ankara Dress

Black Panther Movie Look, Ankara DressBlack Panther Movie Look, Ankara DressLoza Tam Satin Lined Turban Numbers don’t lie. The pre-sale ticket sales for Black Panther have already broken records. Grab up your tribe and head out to support a film that is for us and by us. Hopefully, studios won’t blink twice when scripts like this come across their desk in the future.

This Kente print turban I am wearing is from designer Loza Tam. Her products are hand-made in Ghana by women entrepreneurs and bonus, they are satin-lined. So you can be fashionable while protecting your hair. I love it because duh, I am a print fanatic and it’s already tied for you.

No more fussing with trying to get the right headwrap knot on top, which is super convenient for the mom-on-the-go like me. I literally just slip it on and head out! I mixed prints, which I also love to do, with this custom Ankara print maxi, that was made for me in Nigeria.

Ghana, Nigeria, Wakanda, Africa!

Loza Tam is offering my stylish readers 10% off your purchase with code 3thechicwayShe has satin lined bonnets and headbands as well, there is literally something for everybody!

Thanks for reading this post, and supporting the brands that support me! As always, stay chic!

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