Happy Valentine’s Day Or Whatever

Snazzy Closet Make A Statement Dress Snazzy Closet Make A Statement Dress It’s that day of the year where women are stressing themselves out to measure their worth with what the person in their life will buy them on February 14th. I have never personally been a fan of Valentine’s Day because I remember from a young age, how I was programmed to feel.

Snazzy Closet Make A Statement Dress Snazzy Closet Oversized Bow Dress In High School, there was the opportunity for your Valentine to purchase a rose and have it delivered to one of your classes throughout the day. All the so-called crushes I supposedly had, and I never got a rose delivered. Do you know what that did to me? You claim to like me soooo much, but you can’t display that for everyone to see? I knew from then, Women were programmed to tie their worth to material things. Because you buy me a teddy bear, a box of chocolates, or a rose, you must really like/love me.  Maybe they couldn’t afford to get me a rose, or some other logical reason, but that didn’t make sense at the time. At the time, young Reesie wanted a rose delivered to her social studies class.

Sophia Webster Chiara Sandals Sophia Webster Chiara Sandals Now as a woman who has been married for almost ten years, it doesn’t affect my relationship. My husband is known to get me flowers throughout the year, buy me thoughtful gifts just because, and randomly leave my favorite candy, M&Ms Peanut, on the kitchen counter. Rescript the narrative that says someone has to prove their affection to you one commercial holiday at a time. Hold the significant other in your life accountable every other day of the year as well. It’s always better to do things genuinely from the heart, and not because everyone else is doing the same thing. Don’t fall for cliché gimmicks!

Boohoo Cut-out Dress Sophia Webster Chiara Sandals Ladies buy your own flowers, go to the spa, dress up for yourself. Work on your relationship, reconnect with your partner, get deeper than the material items. This way your love will shine bright for the rest of the year when no one is looking. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes like yeah, easy for me to say because I’m married. But I just wanna stress the importance of not getting caught up in materialism. Make sure you are in a loving, healthy, committed relationship, 365 days a year, not just on February 14th. Snazzy Closet Oversized Bow DressIf you are going out and need a vibe, get into my two looks! The first featuring this show-stopping oversized bow dress from Snazzy Closet. The customer service was amazing, and she shipped the dress out for me within hours of completing the transaction via Instagram. At the time I ordered it, her website was down, but she accommodated me anyway! Many pieces on her site will “make a statement”, as this dress is aptly called. It’s also available in mustard yellow, that would be so pretty for Spring!

Sophia Webster Chiara SandalsI am always here for a black dress! It screams sexy and confident. I’ve had this BooHoo number in my closet for years now (since 2016 to be exact) and decided it would be a good night out option. Because of the cut-outs, it might be a little risqué for daytime. I’ve linked it above, it’s on sale girl, but not in black. Pairing this with the beautiful Sophia Webster Chiara sandals was a no-brainer. Chic yet sophisticated.

Whatever you have going on today, know that you are loved! Thanks so much for reading, as always stay chic!




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