My Little Rascal: Alfalfa Meets Carlton Banks

Today was picture day for my youngest son Joshua, he’s four and full of personality as you will see in the pictures. He is usually required to wear a uniform to school daily (navy pants and a grey polo type of shirt). I was elated when the school said we were able to dress them up!

Of course you knew where I went, H&M!! As per my Easter Post, I’ve been wanting to do a preppy style on the boys for a few weeks now. I instantly gravitated towards these suspender jeans, so that I can get more wear out of them later. H&M has great quality, strong denim, and I loved the tapered look these had.


A la Alfalfa from The Little Rascals, you can’t have suspenders with out a bowtie. Enter the classic white button down with the bow tie. I can then pair this shirt later with chinos or shorts for different styling options, total steal at $14.99. I loved the look, but I felt like something was missing….

Enter Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! He was the nerdy, preppy, obnoxious, rich cousin to cooler Will Smith! I had to find a sweater to drape over Joshua! I think it takes the look up a notch, and makes him look more put together and stylish.

SAM_0967Mr. Man was too thirsty to worry about this photo shoot, but I hope you can see where the look was going! I wanted him to be comfy in school, so I threw on these Osh Kosh Slips Ons for a casually chic effect. Added some matching funky socks, and boom, my very own preppy Little Rascal!






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