How To Make Social Media Werk For You!

To some people, it may look like all I do is pose for pictures and post them to my social media accounts. However, as a blogger and content creator, there is a reason for everything you see on my Instagram. I feel like I have a great eye for certain things, that’s why I started blogging and sharing those finds with you all. Today, I will share how my social media is werking for me!

If you are trying to get noticed by brands or build your following on Instagram, you have to create a page that looks cohesive. While my page isn’t all the way there yet, my pictures have gotten drastically better in the last year or so. High-quality pictures are a major key. Learn all the tricks about your mobile phone and its camera capabilities, or invest in a digital camera. Your page should also be authentic to you, telling a story while allowing people to learn about your brand, services or blog. Looking at my page, you will get a glimpse into my life as a mom, my shopping finds, my family, my work and what I am blogging about.

Hashtags matter. When you are starting out and trying to build your audience, a good way to get noticed or featured are by using hashtags. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. I usually add mine right under my caption as the first comment on a post. I learned this little trick from Mattie James, blogger and webinar Queen. Now, of course, I am not typing in 30 hashtags every damn time. I use the predictive text function on my phone. By saving my hashtags under a keyword, once I type that key word under my picture, the hashtags automatically appear! Research the popular hashtags in your niche, look at the comments of your faves, to see what hashtags they are using. Hashtag away!Blogging has afforded me access to trying out products and sharing it with my audience. For instance, the post I did a while back was courtesy of Rodial. While I was not paid monetarily for this post, I was given the full-sized products for free. So it depends on what the brand is looking for, they have probably sent the same package to 100s of bloggers to try, depending on their budget they will not pay everyone. If I’m being honest, many brands only pay influencers with a huge following, I’m talking 20K followers and better. Keep pushing, we will get there and there’s room for all of us to flourish.

Social media is about socializing right? People comment and like your pictures for a reason. This is, in essence, your audience, you have to engage with them. I try and respond to every comment and question that may be left under my photos. Engagement shows brands that people aren’t just scrolling by your page, but they care enough to talk to you. Brands usually ask two questions, how many followers do you have? And, what is your engagement percentage? The engagement equation is: Engagement = Engagement / Followers!

Because of engagement, I have become virtual friends with some really dope Women. I was recently invited to connect in real life with one of my fave bloggers, Monroe Steele. I was completely taken aback when I received her message, like you want to hang out with little ole me? Engage people, ENGAGE! I put on the look I wore to her event again today, because I forgot to tell you all about it. As you know from this post, I’ve been living in dresses and sneakers this Summer.

I scored this dress from H&M for a whopping $4! That’s right four freaking bucks. The tag was marked $9.99, which I also wouldn’t have minded paying for this dress, but when I got to the register, it rang for $4. Won’t he do it?! It has a pleating throughout and a sheen to it, that paired perfectly with my rose gold Adidas Stan Smiths.

It was perfect for a rooftop happy hour and comfy enough for my commute to and from the city. The little bag was on sale from ZARA for $9.99. I loved my look, hence why I had to make sure I shot it for the blog LOL!

Social media has also blessed me with brands appointing me as their brand ambassador. I will be sent products to share with you all, and if you so happen to purchase it from my link, I will get a percentage of the sale. This is called an affiliate link, and by law, I have to tell you all that it is a sponsored post.

I hope these tips helped you all, if you have any questions please leave them below. Thanks so much for reading and supporting the blog and my brand, Stay Chic!


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