The Boys With No Camp

So I get the question all the time, “what camp are the boys in,” “what are you guys doing this summer?” The truth is ain’t no camp bihhhh. They are not in camp, and we are not going on any extravagant Summer vacations. Let me break it down for ya.

I never attended summer camp growing up, neither did my siblings. Summer’s were spent on the beach, in the park, at the amusement park, and wherever else my mom felt like dragging us. Granted she had the time to spend summers with us and do those things. Those of you who have to work full-time, I get it, a camp is a necessity. I don’t work full-time, for a plethora of reasons, that’s another blog post hunny. So, I take Summer vacation for what it is, spending time with the boys, and just letting them be. I know there’s a Mom out there with studies about the benefits of this and that under her belt, save it.

So what have they been doing? Running around outside, riding their scooters, spending time with their cousins, going to the park, just being BOYS. Oh, I also sprinkle in some schoolwork, so they don’t suffer from summer brain drain. I have been taking the summer to relax as much as possible as well, because self-care. Before you know it, school will resume and it will back to our regularly scheduled programming. Summer is supposed to be care-free and happy, and so far they seem pretty happy to me. (Sidebar: these pictures were taken this week. It’s July but it’s been pretty chilly in our neck of the woods, especially in the evenings.)

However, the plan is only to get better right? Provide for your kids, what your parents couldn’t provide for you! So for future summers, maybe they won’t be in Summer camp per se, but maybe we’ll be able to travel more, take them to visit their families in Nigeria and Belize. We have to do what we feel is best for our kids, not what society tells us we should be doing. This parenting thing comes with enough burden, judgment from others shouldn’t be the cherry on top.

We are headed to the carnival now, so they can eat cotton candy, get more hyper, and ride on rides that will make their head spin! What have you all been doing with your munchkins this Summer? Leave a comment below, and as always stay strong and chic!

If you care for the outfit deets:

Caleb: Printed Tee and Green Denim, Primark; Cardigan: Osh Kosh; Kicks: Supra Vaider

Joshua: Color blocked tee, H&M; Camo Pants: The Children’s Place; Cardigan: Osh Kosh; Kicks: Supra Vaider


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