Chic Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and even though we are a blog geared towards the #chicmom, we can’t forget the Dope Dads out there. I am here with a few suggestions for the hip, cool dad in your life!

Dope Kicks: The Sneaker Revolution is REAL out here. Believe it or not, men are just as fashionable as women nowadays.  If you have a sneaker head Dad in your life, a fresh pair of kicks will make a great gift. There’s a great “Dope Kicks” page on Pinterest for inspo linked here.



Take Him To The Game: I don’t know what sport seasons are in session right now. But hopefully there’s something available that you can get tickets to. Sporting events are the best events for a father/son, family outing. If the event is for the future, print the tickets out and place them in a cute card from the kids.



Beard GangBeards are like THE accessory for the cool Dad. There’s a whole hashtag and culture for the #beardgang. If you have a member of this society in your life, there are beard grooming kits that would make for a good gift instead of the usual cologne.  Check out this article here for suggestions.



Race Car ExperienceI don’t know about you all, but most of the men in my life LOVE cars. I always see the opportunity to take the, “race car experience,” pop up on Groupon and other sites. Exotic cars, no speed limit, the open road, every guys dream right? I think it would make a dope Father’s Day gift. Check it out here.




Inspector Gadget: Guys love their gadgets, whether it be a game system, a new phone or tablet, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire, Apple Watch, etc. etc. We’re talking young, hip dads here, so no tool sets, technology hunny!


What are you guys thinking of purchasing for Father’s Day?



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