A Denim Love Affair

Denim on Denim Denim on Denim If you are on the East Coast then you already know that today will be an amazing day weather-wise. I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the day, I’ll be where I always am on the weekends, at work. Literally the only downfall to working on the weekends, missing all the Summer in the City events; the day parties, the rooftop events, the BBQ’s, picnics, and everything in between.

Denim on Denim I wanted to quickly come by and show you one of the ways I styled the denim mules from my last post, since a couple of you were intimidated by them. And like I said in that post, I plan to wear them with EVERYTHING. First up, this denim jumpsuit! It is so lightweight and comfortable for today’s weather it was a no-brainer, even better it’s from Target. That’s right, it’s okay to occasionally browse the clothing aisle when you are shopping for your detergent. This happened to be from the Junior’s department so I sized up to get the baggy, relaxed fit I was going for, and it was perfect!

Dollhouse Denim JumpsuitDenim Jumpsuit Denim MulesDenim Jumpsuit Denim MulesA piece like this jumpsuit is so versatile in your wardrobe that it can be worn with anything. I have previously worn it with my Stan Smith Adidas, and my white pointy boots I wore to death this year. But today let’s pile on the denim for the first lovely day we have had in a while. The denim bangles are a DIY I made with left over material I had laying around the house.

Enzo Angiolini Fallyn Denim MulesEnzo Angiolini Fallyn Denim MulesEnzo Angiolini Fallyn Denim MulesGive me a no-brainer one piece look any day, just wish me luck using the bathroom at work today. I can’t wait to style these mules with more looks from my closet, because I am on a shopping freeze for the time being, LOL! Let’s be honest, denim is a wardrobe staple that we all have loads of in our closet, so I’m sure I have numerous options!


I hope everyone has a great day, if you’re out enjoying the weather, think of me! As always, stay chic!


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