What #boymomlife Is Really Like

I knew I was going to have a boy the minute I found out I was pregnant. It sounds crazy when I say it out loud to people, but it’s the truth. I also instantly knew his name was Caleb. There was something in my spirit that spoke that name to me. Having boys, I thought my life would be easier than having girls. That’s what society leads us to believe anyway. IT ISN’T EASY. Parenting isn’t easy, period!

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First of all, I am the only woman in my house. That alone deserves for you all to take a second and send up a little prayer for me. AMEN! That being said, boys are messy. I know girls can be messy too, but boys are on another level. Well, at least the two in my house are. No matter how I have tried to train these kids to be neat and organized, it’s not sinking in. It is a constant battle to pick this up, close the cabinet, take off the light, etc. Like why are all the drawers opened? Why do you leave the cupboard open after you’ve taken out your item? I really can’t comprehend this. Fellow #boymoms, can you relate?

What Being A Boy Mom Is Really Like?

Hygiene. Why don’t boys take this seriously? Even at the ages of 10 and 8, I am still on top of the boys to make sure their teeth are brushed properly. They have lotioned their skin well, washed their body parts thoroughly, and just EVERYTHING! Like I even have to tell them to brush their damn hair. When will they be able to properly groom themselves without instruction?

Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine
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Boys are bursting with energy. ALL DAY. EVERYDAY. I don’t know where they get all this energy from. But literally from the minute they wake up, they are bouncing off the walls and couches. They have been watching, “The Floor is Lava,” and “American Ninja Warrior,” practicing in the house. My furniture is no longer furniture, they are obstacle courses. HELP! Even when I send them to bed, they are in the room chatting for up to an hour while laying down, y’all aren’t tired at all?

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I need a bathroom where boys aren’t allowed.

Ahh, the bathroom. Where one can relax and unwind. SIKE! Not in my house. My shower curtain is never pulled closed. My bathroom rugs are always disheveled. Like, are you guys doing this to me on purpose? Let’s not go into details about the toilet. I’ll just say that it needs to be wiped down every day. I need a bathroom in my next house that will just be for me. Where I can get as girly as I want with the decor and not have to worry about anyone saying anything.

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Food. I can’t keep it in the house, especially things like milk, eggs, cereal, and snacks. While they tend to be picky eaters, when they like something, it’s gone in days. I can only imagine what will happen when they become teenagers, and how much our grocery bill will be!

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Can you guys relate to anything I’ve mentioned in this post? Please let me know that I am not alone! I hope as they get older, these things will change. Until then, I am on top of them as usual. I have to make sure they don’t embarrass me in public, LOL! Thanks so much for reading this post!


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