The Denim Shirt 

Hello Hello! Hope you are cozied up somewhere nice and warm reading this! The temps are brutal here on the East Coast, I will remain Carrie Bradshaw and SLAY!

The Denim Shirt: if you don’t have one, please get one ASAP! It is a wardrobe staple. Today I am wearing mine with a high-waisted Ankara Midi skirt, seen before here. The colors are dark and rich, perfect for the new season. The denim shirt adds a chic approach to the look, because it is not expected, yet it works! I tied the ends up for more sass, and to show the skirt off more!

The skirt as mentioned before, is a custom piece from Nigeria! I love the colors against the denim shirt, it tones down the look a bit, giving more weekend chic if you will!

Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt:

Denim & Denim–Love a denim shirt with jeans, for the Canadian Tuxedo vibe

Denim & Joggers–A denim shirt over funky joggers and kicks, ultimate weekend vibe

Denim & A Pencil Skirt— Throw on your denim shirt with your pencil skirt for work, to break away from the normal work uniform

Denim & Sequins–You can make a sequin piece daytime appropriate by pairing it with a denim top

Denim & Print— I love it with a printed trouser or a printed skirt as seen here today


Wishing you all a warm weekend, as always Stay Chic! Be sure to head over to my Instagram page, where I’m hosting my first beauty giveaway!


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