Fashion Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Converse Comme Des Garcons

Growing up, there were these fashion rules that people always used to say. “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,” has to be my favorite.

Allegedly this started because the rich only wore white on vacations or holiday. Upon returning to the city, they would pack their white resort clothes away. White clothing was a sign of wealth. White clothing was too pristine to get dirty in the big city.
Converse Comme Des Garcons
  1. Aren’t rules meant to be broken?! You might just find me in white and off-white way past Labor Day!
  2. My tan is still popping and white looks GOODT against my skin at the moment.
  3. Fashion is a feeling and not about rules, dress how you FEEL. If white makes you feel good after Labor Day, wear it.
  4. I think fashion rules are always changing and we can’t live life in a box.

To transition your white pieces into the fall months seamlessly, lean more to an off-white tone when it comes to dresses, jeans, and knits. The deeper, richer hue won’t scream Summer and will look great with your Fall neutral toned hues.

Converse Comme De Garcons

A classic white button-up shirt will NEVER go out of style, I don’t care what season it is, or what rules are dictated. It is something you can dress accordingly for any season of the year. White boots are also a huge trend once again, for this fall season. I have this pair from Tory Burch waiting to come out and play! Growing up I hateddddd white shoes, I am shocked that I own a few pairs of white shoes right now!

Comme Des Garcons Play
Comme Des Garcons Play Converse Sneaker Collab

White sneakers will be worn well after the official end of summer as well. New to my collection are these Converse X Comme des Garcons collab kicks that I plan to wear to the ground this fall season with jeans, blazers, dresses and whatever else my little heart (get it) desires.

Comme des Garcons Play

Moral of the post: break the rules. Wear what makes you happy. Life is short and we can’t keep limiting our wardrobes or budgets to appease silly rules that started before we even existed! What fashion rules are you breaking, or plan to break?


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