Can Our Kids Be Artists Too?

So Joshua turned 6, and to celebrate I knew I wanted to do something different. I was tired of the Chuck E. Cheese parties and things of that nature, we have been down those roads one too many times. I attended a paint party in June and instantly knew it was something the kids would love. They are constantly painting and drawing different things around the house. Why not put that hobby to good use and have a paint party for kids?

Then it occurred to me, why are our kids not having more parties like this? We need to expose our kids to things that will enhance and make them knowledgeable around any crowd that they may find themselves in. This train of thought sparked from a conversation I had with some people at the establishment, and friends and family. Kids are sponges, they soak up the information that they are given. Parents, let’s start giving our kids knowledge on art, our history, take them to museums, get them out of the four corners of their neighborhood.

The art studio that we attended was so very helpful and patient. Joshua chose his design prior to us arriving, and the artist already had it sketched on the canvas for them. That was a major key in ensuring all the kids had the same design, and it sped up the painting process. The kids were able to express their individuality through the painting process and play around with mixing colors. It was so amazing to watch how different each painting came out.

The birthday boy took his design in a different direction, don’t ask. There was a meltdown behind it, once he saw his brother’s! If you can’t find a local studio to host an art themed party for your kids, this can definitely be done at home on a budget. I would suggest covering the designated work area well in plastic. Many local craft stores or art supply stores will have the canvas, paint, brushes, and easels. I can not draw to save a life, but if you can get a good sketch on the canvas, having this party at home could save you a couple hundred dollars. Each child will have something to hang up in their room, and the memory will last a lifetime!

I went to my local Dollar Tree and put together art themed goodie bags. Each bag had a puzzle, a paint kit, play doh and a craft to build. The paint brush on the outside was just a cutesy little touch I picked up from Pinterest. Balling on a budget! He didn’t want an art themed cake, so we ended up with this Pokémon design. I mean, he did turn 6, I can no longer control the entire vision. (Rolls eyes)

Caleb’s birthday is in December, let’s see what we come up with for his special day! Thanks for reading, and all of your well-wishes for Joshua across my social media platforms. As always, stay chic!


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