Let’s Dish About School Uniforms

So back to school time is here. Parents are out buying all the essentials, the chic stars will need to make it a great school year. This is the first year in the 3TheChicWay household where the kids are off to real school, and I had a shopping list to adhere to. I mean full on in Walmart and the whole bit.

Contrary to how I usually dress the kids, I will not be sending my boys off to school in bow ties etc. I learned my lesson the hard way, I’m still trying to get stains out of their shirts from school.

I will never forget when my oldest son started preschool, two years ago. I decked him out, I’m talking ZARA cardigan and Harem pants, with a button down shirt. (Picture Below)

. IMG_6372It was the worst decision, he came back a mess, and just wasn’t comfortable in that sort of outfit. Lesson learned. The pants weren’t a snap button closure, so he had trouble in the bathroom, the cardigan was a light color, it came back stained. I mean the list goes on. My kids attended school after that in sweat pants and tee shirts. It’s just the easiest thing at their age, they can use the potty, get paint and dirt on it, spilled milk, I won’t even be upset. It’s preschool and not a fashion show. I had to train my brain to think of functionality!! Especially with two boys, the laundry is my favorite chore!

This year they are both required to wear uniforms. I couldn’t be happier, the stress of putting looks together everyday and fighting with this one and that one, about what to wear are out the window.  I will always add a #3thechicway twist obviously, whether with a cardigan, pullover sweater, or their funky kicks. I will always want them to stand out in their basic navy and gray uniform.

I hope everyone has a great first day of school, and a wonderful school year to all my chic stars out there! Follow me on Instagram  @3thechicway to keep up with all the first day of school chicness!


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