Are You Still Checking On Your Strong Friends?

When something so tragic like someone committing suicide happens, you can count on social media to be the therapist. Everyone is now so concerned about mental health and posting tips for checking on your friends and family etc. While it can be a great vehicle to make issues come to the forefront, what happens when we have moved onto the next news cycle?

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I am the strong friend usually. Everyone from friends to family can call and tell me what’s going on with them and I am usually the one checking in here and there on everyone. It can be a lot to handle. Being the oldest in my family, my Mom depends on me for many things. I am also very responsible and dependable and my tribe values that trait in me. I am not complaining. I am just saying, it can be hard being strong for everyone, and wearing the many hats I have .

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How have I learned to cope with this? I drink heavily. Just kidding. LOL! I have stopped holding things inside. When I need to release, I tell my friends I can’t deal with this right now, I’m going through this and that. They are very understanding and usually are willing to give me a couple days to breathe and deal with my shit. You have to let everyone know your mental state before you take anything else on.

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What I’m trying to say is, being consistent in your relationships is very important. You shouldn’t just be a great friend when it’s trending. People are battling real battles in this world daily, and mental health is real. A show that I have recently become obsessed with that touches on this is, “A Million Little Things.” Don’t take for granted that you will speak to someone tomorrow because you really just never know.

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I want everyone to be happy. It is definitely easier said than done. I saw a post on Instagram the other day that explained the topic of toxic positivity. I will post it below because I have discovered I am doing a couple things all wrong. Communication is definitely key. Strong people are usually battling so many things they will never disclose. While they are being strong for everyone else, who is being strong for them?

It’s a new year, we should be taking our mental health just as serious as we take our outward appearance. If you have any advice on this topic, please leave it below in the comments. Thanks so much for reading, and go and check on your people!

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