All Things BingeWorthy During Self-Isolation

Binge worthy shows for quarantine

This lockdown has provided me the perfect time to catch up and binge on all my shows and podcasts. My DVR was full of things that automatically record and now I can free up some of that space! I’m gonna share all the things that I have been watching/listening to. Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comment section of this BLOG POST. NOT ON INSTAGRAM, thank you management.

The Suga Podcast 
Tika Sumpter 
Thai Randolph
A brown mama’s audio guide to the sweet life. Tika Sumpter & Thai Randolph

I am not a huge podcast listener, as many episodes are very long. They used to come in handy on my long commutes between Pennsylvania and New York. While at home, I put them on at night before bed, when I am tired of TV. Tika Sumpter & Thai Randolph recently launched The Suga. A podcast for Brown Mama’s like ourselves to talk about the issues and topics that affect our community in an honest and transparent way! I listened to the first episode in its entirety and I’m hooked!

Insecuritea Podcast 
Insecure HBO
Hey Fran Hey 
Insecuritea Podcast with HeyFranhey & Crissle

Our favorite show is back after a long hiatus. Insecure, I’m talking about Insecure on HBO. Issa, Molly, and the crew are back with more life, more love and of course more shenanigans. After the episode, Fran & Crissle recap on their Insecuritea podcast, and give us their opinion on what’s happening. It’s a great way to wine down after watching the episode with friends, so get those group chats ready!

Is It Tuesday? 
Cris Cavallari
Is it Tuesday? Cris Cavallari

One of my fave Mom entrepreneurs, Cris Cavallari, has branched out into the world of podcasting. She speaks from the perspective of a Mom who is back on the dating scene, what self-care means to her, and living life on your own terms as a Mom. Motherhood is so different for everyone, and it looks very different from our Mom’s version of Motherhood. I started 3TheChicWay to connect with Moms like myself: a little bougie, a little ratchet, likes trap music and gospel, wears heels and sneakers, etc. I’m glad so many women are redefining the image of Motherhood! And we have a community of women who support us and not judge us.

Little Fires Everywhere on HULU

One of my new fave shows to premiere while in isolation has been, Little Fires Everywhere on HULU. It stars Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, two mothers who have very different lives and ways of raising their kids, and the clash that will ensue. I haven’t read the book, but it’s on my list after the series is over. Have any of you been watching? It will not disappoint, trust me! There are 7 episodes up right now for you to binge, with one more on the way next Wednesday.

The Morning Show on Apple TV+

Speaking of Reese Witherspoon, she stars in another show that I can’t get enough of. Unfortunately, this one streams exclusively on Apple Devices only, sorry Android users. Apple, like almost every company out there, has released their own streaming service, Apple TV+, they feature access to all of your favorite channels, but they have also created exclusive content just for their platform. The Morning Show, speaks to my soul because it shows the behind the scenes of a news program. Ring a bell? They show the control room, getting stories, the politics of network television, sexual harassment, and so much more. I love it because working in the control room for five years now, I can relate to so many of the things happening on this show. I’m not saying you have to work on TV to appreciate this one. It is a well written, well-cast drama series for everyone!

Give Viola Davis ALL her things!

Remember the loaded DVR I mentioned before? I had episodes of HTGAWM on there, all the way back to Season 5. We are in the last few episodes of season 6, and the series. It will all be over after this, and I spent an entire weekend catching up on all the madness I had missed. MY GOODNESS. Please give Viola Davis all her things. The acting is superb. The pain. The manipulation. The scandals. The MURDER! I’m sad to see the show go, I get emotionally invested in all the characters on the shows I love. Are you a fan of this show? Do you think it’s time to end it?

Bingeworthy shows during self-isolation
Need my eyebrows done desperately 😪

That’s all I have to share for now. Leave any suggestions for Netflix, HULU, and Disney+ down below, all we have is the time! Thanks so much for reading, stay home and stay chic!

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