Making The Right Money Moves

Sooooo as many of you may or may not know, I am a freelance television professional in the media industry. Also, blogging can be seen as a sort of a freelance project as well. Freelance… View Post

Not So Mellow Yellow ?

Happy Sunday! Sundays are for lounging on the couch, watching Super Soul Sunday on the couch and drinking tea. Sundays are for resting, preparing your mind for the week ahead. Going to church, having brunch.… View Post


Hey guys, I found another chic mom for you on Instagram! This mom has fashion and body goals; after having four kids, do you see her?! She is amazing and super sweet, I had a… View Post


As you all know, I don’t have a daughter, crazy I know! So I love to see moms and the relationship they have with their little minis. That’s how I came across Dayna & Aria… View Post


The day I discovered Clara Belle Blog on instagram, I immediately gravitated toward her style. The first post on her blog that day was about mixing prints, and we know how much I love doing… View Post
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