What I Wore, Summer Flow

OMG, I know it’s been forever! But with it being summer, I’ve been trying to enjoy myself as much as possible. Trying to attend all the backyard BBQ’s, parties, and hanging out with family and friends, I’ve neglected the blog. But I’m back to show you how I’ve been doing Summer Chic!



You guys already know I love getting pieces made in Ankara fabric. This fabric has been seen in a previous post, and this little mini skirt was constructed out of the leftovers. It’s always good to get as much as you can out of the standard six yards. I had some high-waisted pants made too, but they didn’t come out chic enough for me. Hey, you win some, you lose some.  These Target slides are superrrr comfy and easy breezy for running around this summer, I’ve been wearing them with everything and everywhere. I’m sure at least one of your favorite bloggers has them, because that’s how I found out about them! And hello, they are GOLD, always making a statement.


I don’t care if it’s summer, I will always lean toward black outfits! Hello, I’m even wearing an ASOS Black “leather” dress in the third pic! Black will always be a staple color in fashion, it’s slimming, looks good on everyone, and its a no-brainer for easy one piece outfit options. Black can always make you look pulled-together, even if there was no effort involved in your outfit!

Gladiator sandals, oh how I love thee. As you can see, I have two pairs, one short and one tall, both in BLACK! Depending on the look you’re going for, you can pretty much rock gladiators with everything!

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, and staying cool as required! Keep up with all my shenanigans on Instagram @3thechicway, and tag me in your summer chic pics! Summer isn’t quite over yet, so I’m sure there will be a part two to this post, stay tuned and as always stay chic!




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