How To Find Your Style

I get asked to define my style pretty often. It’s hard to just narrow it down to a few words, I will say it’s eclectic chic. My style goes from tomboy chic to full-on glam. To me what style is all about: expressing how you feel through clothing. It’s art people, let’s face it LOL! Today I will try and share a few tips to help you find and master your style! Ankara Layered Skirt Ankara Layered Skirt It is important to know your body and what fits you WELL. I am all for body positivity and every woman should be able to wear whatever their heart desires, however, there is a time and a place for everything. I have broad shoulders, a smaller waist, and then wider hips. My insecurity here, the shoulders. I tend to avoid wearing strapless, halter and things that will have the shoulders completely exposed. How I combat this, I wear longer protective styles, to cover my back. If you scroll through my IG feed, if I am wearing strapless, there is hair to mask the broadness of my shoulders. Examples here, here and here. Now about those hips, I am either in something that covers them or accentuates them. It all depends on the silhouette of the garment I am wearing. Knowing whether A-line, bodycon, or shift works for your body will make shopping for dresses and skirts so much easier. Tailoring will be a major key to ensure a great fit. There are dresses that will fit my hips, but then the waist will be looser and ill-fitting. Ankara Layered Skirt Ankara Layered Skirt Ankara Layered Skirt This layered Ankara skirt is a perfect example of what I love. It cinches in my waist, and the inner pencil skirt is form-fitting. The layer over the pencil skirt is more forgiving to my Mom pouch and covering up my rear-end. Ankara Layered Skirt Patterns are a huge part of my wardrobe. But stripes and prints are not for everyone. A huge part of knowing your style is knowing what prints and patterns you gravitate toward. Take note of colors you always choose, and which colors are taking up the most space in your closet. There are some people who feel like stripes make them look bigger, but it all depends on the direction and size of the stripes. Ankara Layered Skirt Ankara Layered Skirt A huge part of style is inspiration. It is so easy now with social media to find style inspo. If you are not sure where to begin, create a mood board. Cut out pictures from magazines of clothing you love and celebrities that you can see yourself emulating. And go from there. Sometimes it’s easier to have a visual point of reference when you are out shopping. It’s all about trial and error. Everything you like and try on might not work on you, but it’s okay. Don’t give up! There is a definite style for everyone out there. Ankara Layered Skirt Ankara Layered Skirt Ankara Layered Skirt Style is something that will grow and change as we do. There are trends that are very popular at the moment, but I don’t love them. Which goes to say, it’s okay to know what you love and stick to it. We don’t have to jump on the band-wagon of every trend. You will not see me in Dad sneakers or cowboy boots this season. I will say if you do want to experiment with a couple trends during the season, to not spend too much on them. That way, when the trend dies you don’t have to feel like you wasted too much money. Ankara Layered Skirt I hope this post gave you a starting point on how to build your ultimate wardrobe! Thanks so much for reading, tell me below how you would describe your style! Stay chic!



    October 10, 2018 / 6:53 am

    I’m in love with this look! You are the style inspo!

    • October 11, 2018 / 8:58 am

      Thanks my gyal!! It’s our month to SLAY!

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