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What Does It Mean To Be An Influencer?

So what does it mean to be an influencer? I honestly don’t even know myself, as soon as I think my brand is getting some traction, I feel like giving up this whole blogger thing. I started my blog when I didn’t even know it could become a viable income for me. 3TheChicWay started out of a creative necessity for me when I was home taking care of two small children, and not working. I guess it started as a hobby. However, before the word influencer was floating around social media, I also knew my style and the way I style the kids was something worth sharing. I am the girlfriend or family member that everyone comes to for style advice. I have an opinion that people trust and that makes me so happy. Styling and putting together looks for people gives me an adrenaline rush. On the flip side, brands look to us, these influencers to promote and be able to get our followers to jump on board and purchase something. And that is where this game gets tricky. I only align myself with brands and products that make sense to my lifestyle as a chic mom on the go, and for the millennial dope women that follow me! I never post or promote something that I truly do not believe in.

I can post something on my page, a hair product, the lippie I am wearing, and at least 5-10 ladies will hit me up asking where they can buy it, etc. I can also post an affiliate product, something I have the chance to get a commission from, radio silence. So who am I influencing and for what reason? How is it that people will run out to get x,y,z that doesn’t support my brand, and then turn a blind eye to the campaigns that can aid in helping a sista out?

I also know that GREAT things take time. So patience is something I have to work on, all the “big” bloggers didn’t get to where they are overnight. Blogging is definitely a grind and a hustle. Putting yourself out there is no small feat. Shooting looks, posting on social media, pitching yourself to brands, networking, is all part of it. There are many of us who balance full-time jobs, families and other obligations as well, so it’s not all pretty filters and fun! It is actually a job! I love to write so I will keep going because I literally feel it in my soul that I have the ability to inspire women across the world, but your girl gets hella frustrated once in a while! Say a prayer for a G! Shout out to my girl Crissi for spotting this tee on the ASOS website and telling me I needed it! It is now sold out, but I have found it for you on the Bershka website, get it while it’s hot. I am into styling up tee shirts lately, I paired the tee with this Ankara style pencil skirt I’ve literally had for years. Iyanla Vanzant was the influence behind it when I saw her wearing this skirt by designer Kutula by Africana. By now you know sneakers are my life, so I finished the look off with my Adidas Superstars.

Courtesy Iyanla Vanzant Twitter

Thanks so much for those of you who support, comment, read the blog and my other pieces, hit a girl up, motivate, and inspire me! As always, Stay Chic!

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  1. omolade otulaja omolade otulaja

    Much love to you boo! Keep your head up and spirits high! 💗💗💗💗

  2. Ade Ade

    Very nice and empowering piece, the hustle will payoff. Your style is impeccable

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