What Being Sick Taught Me

Stripes & Leopard Print

Lessons in Motherhood can strike us at the craziest times. Last week, my niece Emani, youngest son Joshua, my mom, sister, and myself all suffered some sort of stomach flu/virus. Thank God, it didn’t hit us all at the same time, that would have been disastrous. It started with Emani and made it’s way around, ending with me.

Stripes & Leopard Stripes & LeopardNot to toot my own horn or anything, but I literally RUN my household. The kids, the finances, our event calendar, the kids, all the important documents are with me, and did I say the kids? The kids depend on me for so much, and maybe that’s because I am so hands-on with everything that concerns them. When I fall sick, the house is upside down, the kids have to feed themselves, and the laundry piles up. I was however shocked that this time, Caleb stepped up to the plate and was so responsible and on top of things.

Old Navy Harper PantsOld Navy Harper PantsIt taught me a huge lesson, I am doing a damn good job as a Mother. Caleb was able to get him and his brother ready for school that Friday morning while I was puking my guts out repeatedly. They packed their own backpacks and lunchboxes. They even walked to the bus stop on their own, I mean I watched from the window, and it’s only across the street but still, I was so proud. These are all things I usually do for them, and it showed me that they are paying attention, and learning to be INDEPENDENT. *cues tears*

Zara Velvet Bow FlatsZara Velvet Bow FlatsMotherhood is not an easy job, and I always say that here on this blog. Sometimes I feel as though I am failing these kids and they aren’t listening to the gems I tell them. But now I know, I can release my reigns a little, and give them some more responsibility. The OCD personality in me will still love to be on top of them, to ensure that everything is in order, but at least I can let them try.

Zara Velvet Bow FlatsLetting go is hard, but the fact is they are growing up whether I like it or not. Soon they won’t need me at all, I am tearing up as I type this, and that’s how the circle of life spins. I guess me being sick was a way of my body saying to slow down and look what’s happening around you, Caleb & Joshua are growing up nicely.

Old Navy Leopard Harper PantsStripes & LeopardStripes & LeopardKeep doing what you are doing Chic Moms of the world, the kids are doing just fine!

What I’m wearing: Striped Top, Leopard Pants, Moto Jacket, Velvet Bow Flats, Zara Wide Brimmed Fedora 

I know this look is a lot to digest, but you know I live for a good mash-up of prints! Thanks for reading, as always stay chic and healthy!

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