Mambo Twists & A Banging Dress


So, new hair and dress can only equal one thing, a new ATTITUDE! Let’s dive right in shall we?

Hair: Crochet Mambo Twists installed by my bestie, hey boo. She was trying to convince to do go all grey, but I didn’t have the courage. Maybe in the fall, the few strands I have here, really added a special touch to the look. This installation is low maintenance, and the twists are still manipulative as if they were done individually. I mean 24 inches, go big or go home. You can review the hair here , if this is a style you are considering.

Dress: Custom made. I sent the tailor in Nigeria an inspiration pic and she sent me back this beauty. Now, it’s very rare that you get a piece back and it needs no alterations whatsoever. I mean I was truly impressed and happy with the fit, length, and even the color of the piece.

When everything is flowing right, you can’t help but to feel good!


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