Three Easy Ways To Tie A HeadWrap

A headwrap can be a way to disguise a bad hair day or it can be a way to accessorize a look. I am prone to rocking one for either reason and I ALWAYS get a comment or two asking how I tie them. I have been asked on my social media, by my family, and I kid you not by the dental assistant a couple of weeks ago. Well ya girl got a ring light for Mother’s Day so let’s get this video content popping!! I have FINALLY filmed a tutorial for you guys, featuring the three easiest techniques! Check out the video below:

Lord be a box of dye for these grey hairs! But like I said in the video, have fun and get creative. There is literally no wrong way to do this.

Ankara Headwrap

This is the last technique in the video!

I sometimes let hair out in the front, or even my two strand twists will peek out sometimes!

Iro Gele Ankara Headwrap

A variation of the bow technique!

I tied a bow here as well, but it’s going forward to back instead of how I did it in the video. Like I said most times I can never get it the same way twice!

How To Tie A HeadwrapI hope this video is helpful to you ladies, it was fun to make! Be sure to support the ladies I mentioned in the video as well: EE Styles & Iro Gele. If you happen to use any of the techniques in this video, be sure to tag me on social media so I can see, @3thechicway!

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Loza Tam Satin Lined Turban 

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Stay regal and of course chic! Thanks so much for all of your support!


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