Little Black Dress

On days when you don’t know what to wear, or don’t feel like thinking too much about a look, a little black dress will save your day! I realize I have more than a few LBD’s in my closet. Different lengths, shapes, and for different occasions. On a day like today, when I have to […]

Tie Dye & Wide Legs

Growing up my Uncle nicknamed me “hippie.” I used to always wear lanyard bracelets and toe rings with my flip flops etc. He always said I had a hippie vibe! I can definitely see that I am drawn to certain kinds of bohemian clothing. Today’s look is def 70s inspired, with these wide leg jeans […]

Embrace The Chic

It’s outfits like these: that I don’t put any effort into, I don’t think about it twice, I just throw it together: that get the most compliments. That just goes to show you how differently everyone interprets fashion. What I think is my “bum-day”, everyone loves. The head-wrap: Ankara fabric that used to be a […]