Graduation Shenanigans

I’m that parent that finds any excuse to take the boys on an adventure! I think it’s super important to celebrate the boys accomplishments, every chance I get. They have reached the end of another successful school year, and that was reason enough for me to reward them. I plan everything with our budget in […]

Crayola Experience Reloaded

So our big surprise for the latter half of their Spring Break was a visit to, The Crayola Experience!!! What kid doesn’t love crayons? This place is a one stop shop of, exploration, creation, art, playgrounds, and coloring extravagance. It’s four floors of all things crayons, markers, and more! The boys had an absolute blast, […]

The Boys With The Pot

I am always looking for fun activities that I can do with the boys; things that will open their minds, and expose them to different things. It allows us great bonding time, and gets them off the devices in the house. There was a kids cooking class at the Staten Island Children’s Museum, and I […]