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Shoedazzle Jessica Sock Boot

I have been in such a funk this week, more on that in a separate post. Have you ever felt like everything that can go wrong, does, and it all happens all at once? One thing I do when I am down is blast music and start dancing around the house.

Tidal Playlist Vibez

I have linked my favorite Tidal playlist of the moment for you here. Music is something that has been in my life since I can remember, my family is from Belize and music is literally a part of our culture. If you recall I wanted to be a music video director, more on that here.

Shoedazzle Jessica Sock Bootie

Shoedazzle Jessica Sock Bootie If you are going through something right now, besides the usual spiritual advice I can give you, I would say to play music. I usually blast music when I am stress cleaning the house, the smell of pine sol and dancing to Vybez Kartel is very therapeutic. What kind of music are you guys into? Leave artist and song selections below, please!Shoedazzle Jessica Sock Bootie

Caleb and Joshua also have a love of music, how could they not living with me and their dad. We are still snowed in and my playlist has been getting us through. Things that make me happy during times like this, good food, music, and good vibez. I’m not as high maintenance as people think I am. Shoedazzle Jessica Sock Bootie

At the end of the day, we have to remember to stay blessed and grateful no matter what we are going through. I have been through so much the past couple years but only a few people know that. I am not a hop on social media and let the world know all of my problems, kind of gal. It may seem like I share a lot, but I really don’t, it is only a glimpse into what is going on. I also try to never look like what I am going through. I throw on my looks, my lipstick and I take care of business.  The strength of a woman is something that should be admired because we carry the emotional and mental weight of everyone we are taking care of. Rarely does one check on the “strong one”, but I am here to tell you, please check on the strong forces in your circle, they need to release sometimes as well.

I hope my playlist is public for your consumption even if you don’t have a Tidal subscription.

Dance like no one is watching, even if they are dance anyway. Forget about your problems for a while and as always, stay chic!

Outfit Deets: The same slip dress from this post and this post. I layered a see-through Primark sweater over it and paired it with my Shoedazzle Jessica sock bootie. These pictures were obviously taken before the Noreaster I keep going on about, LOL!

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