I’ll Be Watching grown-ish, Four Reasons You Should Too

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has had an amazing start to 2018! In an effort to really share more of what I’m into this year with you guys, and diversify my content, there will be more than fashion looks on 3TheChicWay. I hope to review shows I’m watching, books I’m reading and exhibits and places I check out around town.

Grown-ish review

First up on television, grown-ish. A little-known fact about me, I am obsessed with Tracee Ellis Ross, she is my hair and fashion muse. So naturally, I am a fan of her wonderfully acclaimed show, black-ish. I have watched from the start and it just keeps getting better. Tonight brought us the premiere of a little spin-off called grown-ish, where Zoey goes off to college.

Grown-ish ReviewI tuned to the premiere, phone in hand to take notes and give my honest thoughts on the show. IT’S GOOD SIS! Zoey is played by the beautiful Yara Shahidi, who is a “woke”, class act of a young lady if I do say so myself. And bonus info, her cousin is Nasir Jones, goodnight. He’s been super supportive, promoting the show on his Instagram and all, #family!

Yara Shahidi & Nas

Okay, so enough fangirling, here are the four reasons you should be joining me every Wednesday at 8 PM to watch Grown-ish on FreeForm ( formerly ABC family).

Yara is definitely a great role model for her generation, and the number one reason most of us are tuning into the show. She is one smart cookie, who will be attending Harvard btw. I personally like when young women like her aren’t caught on paparazzi cam stumbling out of a club; isn’t bouncing around from this heartthrob to that has-been; and has a good head on her shoulders. Maybe it’s the fact that her Mom is her manager, and she comes from a good family. She’s definitely a star on the rise in my opinion. Grown-ish Review

  • The Cast

Her college friends on the show include a Drake wanna-be Indian drug dealer, a Jewish bi-sexual, a “woke” black dude, two dreadlocked twins, and a fashionable pothead who is a mix between Basquiat and Jaden Smith. I would say this is diversity at its finest on primetime television. Obviously, Zoey has a major crush on the “woke” black dude Aaron, it’s gonna be interesting to see how that plays out. Even though on a teaser episode of black-ish they were just friends.

Those dreadlocked twin beauties are none other than Beyoncé proteges, Chloe X Halle, and they are pretty good actors, who sing the theme song as well. Get those coins ladies, I am not mad. And I can not forget to mention, Charlie, her Dad’s crazy co-worker is an adjunct professor. I am literally laughing typing that. grown-ish review

  • Fashion Killa

This would not be my blog if I didn’t mention fashion. I mean these are college kids and I spied: Opening Ceremony, Kenzo Paris, and if my eyes aren’t completely failing me, a pair of Off-White kicks by Virgil Abloh. I was wearing Old Navy in college, okay, but I digress. Zoey still has her funky style of mixing prints and dressing up kicks and oxfords. Let’s not forget about her dope ass fro either. She can be seen rocking a couple protective styles as well, which is a good mix depending on her outfit, and I’m sure it was just easier to shoot with as well.

Grown-ish reviewGrown-ish review

  • This Is Real Life

A show can only really capture its audience with authenticity in the storytelling. This is a young woman leaving home for the first time and truly learning to come into her own. College gives you peer pressure in the form of drugs and partying to fit in. The cast members are dealing with their sexuality and coming out to their parents, fears of ending up back in the hood as failures, issues that many young people (even adults) are dealing with today. I appreciated the writers shining a light on these growing pains, but I was DEVASTATED as if she was my own little sister to see Zoey succumb to peer pressure. I won’t say what as to not spoil it for you, but I hope it was a one-time thing, and doesn’t become a part of who she is.

I’ll drop a show trailer for you here:

Have you guys watched grown-ish yet? Let me know your thoughts on the show below, I will definitely be tuning in on a regular basis because it’s important to support shows that represent us on the air. And if you’ve never seen black-ish, please get your life and catch up on Hulu, thank me later. What other shows should be on my radar? Thanks for reading, as always, stay chic!


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