How To Keep The Kids Entertained During A SnowStorm

What To Do With Kids During A Snowstorm

Black & White Athleisure LookY’all tired of me talking about snow yet or nah? Well, guess what, another storm is headed our way tonight and I am over it, OVER IT! The kids have been home since last Thursday, and it got me to thinking of this post.

Black & White Athleisure LookI try to keep the kids off the electronic devices as much as possible because if we leave it to them they will sit on the XBOX or iPad all day long. The brain drain from these devices is ridiculous so let’s bond as a family. I came up with some ways to keep the kids slightly entertained while they are stuck in the house, I hope you will find these tips helpful!

What To Do With Kids During A SnowStorm

Black & White Athleisure LookBreak out those board games and puzzles! We all have a closet in the back of the house somewhere, that we pile all of our stuff into and forget about it. For me it’s in the kids’ playroom, all the toys they no longer care about and a heap of board games and puzzles are in there. Puzzles are something that can be done as a family and depending on how many pieces are in your puzzle, can keep them busy for a couple hours. Puzzles of maps can be a great teaching moment!

Black & White Athleisure LookBlack & White Athleisure LookWhat To Do With Kids During A SnowStorm

Easy Bake Time! My boys are always asking to help me bake or cook. I think it’s important for boys to know their way around the kitchen, so they don’t grow up expecting only the women in their lives to cook. Being snowed in is the perfect time to bake cupcakes, cookies, and make pizza with the kids. I’m going to say it’s another great bonding experience and the measuring can be a wonderful teachable math moment. Bonus, get them to wash the dishes afterward!

Black & White Athleisure Look

What To Do With Kids During A Snowstorm

Arts & Crafts! I can’t tell you how many packs of paper these boys go through because they love to draw and paint! Broken crayons still color so I rarely throw them away, they have two baskets full. The new thing for them is watching YouTube art tutorials and copying the pictures. It’s always fascinating to me to see how they interpret art. It can get messy, so protect your valuable surfaces and floors! The dollar store is also a great resource for DIY craft kits that are easy for kids of all ages!

Black & White Athleisure Look

What To Do With Kids During A SnowstormWhat’s the point of snow if you can’t play in it! Caleb & Joshua will ride their bikes in the rain if I let them. Bundle up those children, and let them have some fun in the snow. They will (hopefully) tire themselves out and have a blast! Safety first, so please be sure that you are keeping an eye on them at all times!What To Do With Kids During A Snowstorm What To Do With Kids During A Snowstorm Netflix & Chill-Family Edition! After they tire themselves out from the snow, it’s time to wind down. We love to cuddle in my bed and watch movies. The boys and I have just finished the Harry Potter series and now we are in need of something else we can watch as a family, please send along any suggestions!

What To Do With Kids During A SnowstormI hope you found these tips helpful and that everyone is safe. So many of my neighbors are without power and I can’t imagine how that must feel during a storm, especially when you have children!

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