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How To Choose A Makeup Artist

Fun fact about me, makeup is a passion of mine. I can spend hours watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and hours walking up and down the aisles at beauty stores. My everyday face is quite simple as you have seen before here. But once in a while, it feels good to have your face BEAT by an artist and get something out of the ordinary. Today, I want to share my tips on choosing a good makeup artist.

First things first, know your skin. What products work best for you? What is your skin type? It is best to be equipped with as much knowledge as possible, to share with the artist. This will save time on them having to figure out what is best for you, and you not liking the end result. Or even worse, them using something that doesn’t work on your skin and you having a bad reaction. My skin is a combination of dry, oily, and sensitive. Check out my skin care routine here. Take a look at my before skin above, I have worked endlessly to ensure my skin is clear and I know what works best to keep it in check. Next up, have a vision. Whatever the event is that you’re getting dolled up for, know what look you want prior to stepping into the appointment. On this occasion, it is for a photo shoot, so I knew the look was going to be dramatic. Research is important to do on your artist as well, know their work and make sure it aligns with your vision.  In this age of social media, you can quickly see an artist’s capabilities on their Instagram page!Budget. Budget. Budget. MUA’s prices can vary, if you go to them, if they travel to you, it must be a factor into your glam budget. Even if you decide to go to a department store to book a session, on top of the base price for the makeup application, you will be obligated to buy products. Budget is important to ensure you get quaity service!

I was completely in love with my look for this shoot. It was a huge departure from my everyday face, which is good to have once in a while. Everyone knows I love a little sparkle and shine, so this glitter look was right up my alley. And can we get into these lashes, if you saw this look on my Snapchat, you know that I was batting my lashes all day hunny!

Getting dolled up allows you to try new trends and step out of your comfort zone, for instance, this ombre lip. It is not something I have ever tried, but it did photograph well, so I won’t complain! She listened to my advice on what I liked, contour and highlight are MANDATORY for me. But I was also able to let her work her magic in the other areas. If you are able to before your event, having a consultation with the artist is very important, you guys need to have a vibe!

I also picked up a trick or two to add to my arsenal. Like the setting spray or primer she used must be heaven sent, I had this makeup on from about 2PM-Midnight, and it did not budge. I usually get oily after a long day of makeup in my T-Zone. There was not a drop of oil on my face, it was still flawless as if she had just applied it. The setting spray was from a brand called Skindinavia, best believe this product lives up to all the hype! The picture below was taken after midnight, still popping!

What other things do you all look for when choosing an artist? Share them below, as always, stay chic!

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