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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all my chic Moms out there! Today celebrate yourself and the amazing job you have been doing. I know first hand how difficult it is to bear the responsibility of these little people. We all have our highs and lows, but today don’t focus on any of that!

Today focus on YOU! The you that you were, before you became a MOM. The essence of your soul, what makes you happy when the kids aren’t around? We give so much of ourselves to everyone else, today give back to YOU! It’s like once you become a Mother, you get cast away in a box. That’s all you’re supposed to be, and don’t complain about it. Take a break from the kids and the house today, you deserve it. They will be fine, trust me!

I hope that after you have refueled and refreshed today, you make an effort to not wait until the next Mother’s Day to focus on YOU! When we are happy, it makes it that much easier to make everyone else around us happy! Vow once a month if you can, to step away and re-energize, self-care is so necessary!

My look today was inspired by a look the Queen Bey wore to a holiday party back in December of 2016. You all know by now I am a sucker for a mixed print look, watch this video for my tips and tricks! I found my items for this look on Poshmark. A blogger fave of mine sells on there, and I literally stalk her closet for pieces that I can work into my wardrobe! I know some of you are like, how can she buy used clothing? I have a washing machine that’s how. It’s just like thrifting or buying from a consignment shop, clean it before you wear it!

I paired the look with my Kim K Yeezy inspired perspex heels. They are clear and literally go with everything! This look would be great for church, and then brunch after. However, I am just heading to brunch today with my family! Wishing you all a wonderful day, and as always stay chic!

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    Nice interpretation!

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