Get It Together 2018, My Morning Wellness Routine

Nature's Way Echinacea Goldenseal Wellness Routine

I have gotten used to a certain morning routine that helps me have some alone time and get my mind right for the day ahead. This is usually when I get the kids off to school because let’s be honest the morning rush with the kids is a hot mess.

Daily Devotional Wellness RoutineFirst things first, feeding my brain with positive words and getting my thoughts down on paper. This daily devotional is a way for me to read uplifting stories that are aimed to help me get my spirit in order. With all that is going on in the world, it is so important to stay encouraged. For those days when I am not feeling so motivated, I write exactly what I am going through down in my journal.  This helps me to release the thoughts, especially if it’s not something I feel like discussing with friends or family. Daily Devotional Wellness RoutineI don’t get to journal every single day, but it’s definitely something I am working on to complete daily. It will be great to look back on it years from now to see how far I have come.

Echinacea Goldenseal Nature's WayEchinacea Goldenseal Nature's WayWith us being in the midst of a brutal Winter, we have to build up our immune health. I have begun implementing these Echinacea Goldenseal dietary supplements into my morning routine. They are a vegetarian capsule that I take with my breakfast daily. They are gluten-free and contain no artificial flavors and preservatives. Perfect for my already vegetarian lifestyle! Morning Wellness RoutineJust as important as my inner health, I try and make time for my skincare routine in the mornings as well. If I have time for the full course, that will take me all the way from a mask to moisturization. This helps me feel good and gives me time to pamper myself a little to look my best. As cliché as it sounds, when I look good, I feel good. Morning Wellness RoutineLastly, I like to curl up with my laptop and a hot mug of tea. Yes, my mug is cracked and janky, but I can’t let it go. I usually sip my tea, and go over my to-do list, write blog posts, or make Skype calls. It all depends on what the day’s schedule calls for.

Morning Wellness RoutineChic moms around the world, try and make time for yourselves this year. It’s important that we make our health and wellness our top priority. We cannot pour from an empty cup, and even though so many people are depending on us, it’s okay to be selfish every now and then.

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