Rachel Zoe, Bohemian Queen


So guess what guys? Flared jeans are making a comeback for fall. I know some people never gave up on this wide-legged denim, Rachel Zoe, but for those of us who prefer the slimmer silhouette of a skinnier jean, here’s how we can incorporate this style into our wardrobe.

I have worn my favorite pair of flared jeans in a previous post here. My tip on making them more flattering, make sure its a wide leg throughout the pant. I don’t like the ones that are slimmer on top, then flare out at the bottom. If it’s the same width throughout, you can appear taller and slimmer when paired with the right shoe.

Speaking of shoes, these are best worn with a super high wedge shoe or platform, it’s the height of the shoes, that gives the illusion of a taller frame. The jeans should cover the shoe, with a little peek-a-boo action, but not dragging on the floor.

See Rachel Zoe below, she’s the Queen of the wide leg pants, boho-chic vibe! She is a little itty-bitty thing, yet the pants will not give that appearance when these tips are implemented.


Photos: denimblog.com



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