How To Find Your Style

Ankara Layered Skirt

I get asked to define my style pretty often. It’s hard to just narrow it down to a few words, I will say it’s eclectic chic. My style goes from tomboy chic to full-on glam. To me what style is all about: expressing how you feel through clothing. It’s art people, let’s face it LOL! […]

What Being Sick Taught Me

Stripes & Leopard Print

Lessons in Motherhood can strike us at the craziest times. Last week, my niece Emani, youngest son Joshua, my mom, sister, and myself all suffered some sort of stomach flu/virus. Thank God, it didn’t hit us all at the same time, that would have been disastrous. It started with Emani and made it’s way around, […]

New Hair, New Me

Black women are synonymous with changing up their hair do’s. The beauty salon in a Black neighborhood is a rite of passage. It’s the therapist’s office, the Saturday morning hangout, and the place where Sisterhood flourishes! Getting your hair done professionally is an upgrade from your Aunt or Mother doing it in the kitchen of your home. […]