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Crayola Experience Reloaded


So our big surprise for the latter half of their Spring Break was a visit to, The Crayola Experience!!! What kid doesn’t love crayons?

This place is a one stop shop of, exploration, creation, art, playgrounds, and coloring extravagance. It’s four floors of all things crayons, markers, and more!

The boys had an absolute blast, and truthfully so did I. You leave with your own crayon and marker that you make on site. Melted crayon wax, sand, and your face on a coloring book page, are also part of the experience to bring home!

There’s so much to do, allow yourself a full day or at least five hours when you are planning your trip! I highly recommend, The Crayola Experience, for all parents with small children. I would also say it’s a great class trip for schools as well!

(3TheChicWay has come long way in two years! Child the picture quality alone, won’t he do it!)

This post was originally posted in 2015. We made another trip to the Crayola Experience this weekend and the fun was even better this time around, I think because the boys are older now and can appreciate it more.

Our favorite attractions are still there, along with so many amazing new ones. There were also parts that were covered up under construction, that will be coming soon.Guess we will be making another trip in the near future!

Groupon had a deal on admission, so if you’re interested in attending with your family, keep your eyes on the Groupon site!

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